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Your life is a journey. Decide where it takes you!

Coaching is very personal and can feel uncomfortable, which is why it’s vitally important that you work with a coach who is the right fit for you.

I will ensure that my coaching programme works for you before we begin. You’ll walk away with a toolkit that helps you maintain balance and perspective, along with the ability to become a more effective solution seeker. This toolkit will help you gain more control over how you live your life, and give you self-confidence and hope.

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My “survive to thrive” coaching programmes have a simple three-step process:

1) Find clarity

I will help you find clarity about your current situation and what is happening in your life. You will learn to understand the triggers and dynamics of your situation.

2) Define your options

I will help you form an understanding of what you can do to change your situation and help you understand the power of choice.

3) Take action

I will give you the tools and strategies you need and guide you through the actions you can take to change your situation. I’ll help you to make the right – and sustainable – changes in your life.

My coaching programmes

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Re-discover your value

If you’re thinking that you need to start doing things differently because you are not getting the results you want in your career or life, then this is where I can help you. The Re-discover Your Value coaching programme will help you to achieve the clarity and focus you need to move forward in your life.

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Re-design your career

Have you recently experienced a career curve ball, like losing your job? Are you feeling frustrated or even fearful about your future career prospects? Are you wanting to do something different with your life or career but not sure what that looks like?

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Re-ignite your life

Turning 50 often seems to be some sort of magical barrier that we pass. We’ve worked in our current jobs for a long time and everything’s gone a little stale, and then comes the moment when we question ourselves and realise that something needs to change to feel passion and excitement again rather than feeling frustrated, anxious, or fearful.

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