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Kathryn Sandford

Hi there, I'm Kathryn.

I empower men and women aged 40+ to discover their strength, courage, and resilience while on their journey of change. I help them live balanced lives and take them from surviving to thriving.

I have been in your place. I've survived tragic loss, cancer, being fired and failing in business. I have learned how to cope with grief, rejection, and failure – and I’ve come out at the other end stronger and equipped with the tools and strategies to take charge of my life. I have a background in teaching and education, and I know the power of knowledge and experience and how they can impact your life. I also have years of experience as a coach, teacher, and facilitator.

Together we will give you the courage and resilience you need to master those curve balls that life throws at you.

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Who do I work with?

I work with men and women who have reached a point where they want to make a major direction change in their career or life.

Have you reached a point where it seems too painful or frustrating to continue as before?
Do you desire to change your life but are not sure what to do next?

Here's my offer
My coaching programmes will give you the tools and strategies to discover your true value and give you the ability to live a life where you can move from surviving to thriving.

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What do people say about me?

Kathryn is a very open and empathetic person who is able to help you get to the real core of whatever you need to do to realize your dreams. She is also a lot of fun and brings much needed humor to the process. I recommend her highly.

- Joanne B, Auckland