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So simple yet so hard – losing 5kg

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It sure has been awhile since I last wrote a blog. Life has been busy and I am still trying to get my head around being a committed blogger!!

So what I am going to do to get committed to blogging......????

I know committment well as I have got my commitment to exercise sorted. I now operate on automatic pilot when my alarm rings at 6am 5 mornings - sometimes even earlier when I am walking (running) with Imrana. You would think that with a committed exercise regime I would be pretty sorted re my weight....but no! According to my nutritionist my body is use to exercising and when it comes to food and menopause combined then exercise has absolutely no influence on managing my weight! Hence 5kg just appears and after 15 years of maintaining the same weight I now have to deal with an extra 5kg of fat that sits around my middle quite happily. ARGHHHHH

What surprises me with this weight gain (YES it is only 5kg) is that I feel miserable and not happy with myself. My clothes still fit but are now tight and the fat roles over my jeans - not a happy feeling when I look in the mirror. We are entering into autumn after an amazing summer and I can count on 1 hand how many times I went to the beach for a swim! My togs are years old and sag but I just dont want to be seen parading around in nice new togs - I am far more self conscious of my body now and I am 53!!

Yesterday I was working with a friend who is around the same age and she is miserable because she also has gained 10kg and wants to lose it. She eats well and is trying hard but the weight wont move! She said to me she feels quite depressed about the weight gain and getting her head around having to diet is really hard as she has never had to worry about her weight. I reckon there are lots of us out there struggling with this weight gain dilemma.

I even got sucked in and in desperation to lose weight ended up buying online these natural weight loss pills - $!150 and what a bloody waste of time. Another friend has gone and done the same thing yesterday and was showing me her stash!

Its really hard to get into a mind set of controlling what you put into your mouth when for years I have managed my weight very successfully with exercise.

So today is the day and I am going to give myself a challenge to loose 2 kg first within 3 weeks - then try for another within another 3 weeks. I have downloaded an app where you can record exercise, food. calories and chart your progress....now back to being a committed blogger - my commitment is that everyday for 3 weeks I am going to write about my journey to loosing 2kg first then another 2kg in another 3 weeks

The first step of my challenge is to gain some awareness around weight gain and how my body operates. A friend recommended this book by Dr Libbie called "Accidentley Overweight" the title kind of explains where I am now. I will report back later this week on how I am going with her book.

That's it from me.... be back tomorrow

Cheers - here is to loosing 5 kg


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