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My Friends are Priceless

Recently I and a new found friend facilitated our first seminar together. We decided at the last minute to give it a go. The night of the seminar arrived and the participants turned up 4 very loyal old friends and 3 very loyal new friends. Though there were only 7 people there -  the energy in the room felt like you were speaking to thousands. It was unbelievable and overwhelming to be present with a group of women who so want you to SUCCEED. They were itching to provide us feedback about what they thought we could do to improve the seminar, they saw the potential, they got the dream...they weren't holding back with their feedback because it meant that it would help us to succeed.

Yesterday I had arranged to have coffee with friend who I don't see a lot and when we are together we laugh and have so much fun. At 8.50 am she text me to say she would pick me up at 9.30 am. At 9 am she called to say she couldn't come as she had just received a call to say her best friend had died suddenly. My friend had only FB her friend the day before. I couldn't stop thinking about it....I dont know how I would cope to lose one of my best friends in a second!

Another of Life's lessons I thought -"your Life can change in a Nano second! Embrace and Surround Yourself with your wonderful friends. Make the time to be with them, to have the coffee, to go to the movies - don't put it off because you are too busy OR  think about making the call and then get distracted - Friends especially your life long friends are priceless and once they are gone -  they are never going to come back."

We do have friendships  that will come and go in our lifetime as they only are needed for a particular time in our lives. However for a friendship to last a life time then, that is something very special - there is a connection that transcends time and space. You know that wherever you are in your lives you will always be friends - that you may not see each other for a long time -  sometimes even years - however you will pick up right from where you left off. Life time friends are forever and are priceless - make the time, spend the time and celebrate the gift of having best friends in your life

To all my friends the guys and the girls - Love you allFriends-for-life1

5 comments on “My Friends are Priceless

  1. been reading your blog and love your thoughts. was nodding my head through the article about being an adult orphan and now my friends are priceless – yeah my friends are priceless and so glad you are one of them xx

  2. Wow, I have just read through your blogs since early 2013 Kathryn. Very open and honest, also inspiring. Dealing with Dirty Harry moments successfully is obviously a key ingredient to your overall happiness in life, just as it is for me.

    I think we all have Dirty Harrys and Angels as you refer to, the secret is to keep the former quiet in the background and turn up the volume on the latter. In other words keep positive, committed and focussed, and shut out those negative thoughts.

    You have so much warmth about you Kathryn, and so much positive energy to give to others. Not a bad writer either.

    I will keep reading your blogs with great interest!

    Craig Presland

    1. Thank you Craig for your wonderful words of support and encouragement. I really appreciate it as it is friends like you who provide me with the encouragement to keep going.
      Much Love Kxxxx

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