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More Questions about Life to consider now that I am 50+

I remember being 20 years old in 1980 and  considering the question...

"What would my life be like when I am 40 in the year  2000?"

 At 20 years old I assumed that my life  would be sorted - financially independent, great job and successfully achieved all my goals and aspirations - 40 was OLD and of course I would have it sorted. Yeah Right! I had no idea and no concept about  what my life journey would be all about - the challenges, the pain, the sorrow, the joys, the complexity, the tragedies the betrayals, the failures, the successes, the mistakes and I could go on. At 20 I thought it was all about achieving your goals - that was Personal Success to me. I never once considered My Life Journey and what that would look like for me and how important that would be to shaping me into the person I am today.

The real funny thing is that now I am at 50 and I look back at me at 40 and guess what I had NO IDEA about what life would look like for me at 50. Like the 20 year old at 40 I thought well I will get to 50 and have everything sorted! Now I am here and guess what..... I haven't got it sorted and that's a bugger cause now I have to think about what kind of  life journey I want to undertake as I move through my next 10 years when I hit 60 years old.

So now I have more life questions to consider and these questions center around my journey  through my 50's into my 60's. When I was 20 I was happy to think 20 years ahead and now at 53 I can only cope with a Life vision of 10 years ahead... the fear of being 70 is just too scary and way to old for me to cope with at the moment!

My questions about Life now that I am 50 plus are about my Life Journey and the path that I want to take. My questions are also about the choices I will make that are going enhance and empower me to live a life that is full of "life experiences" - with no regrets, balance and perspective!!

Watch this space as the questions I am now considering I will be sharing - you never know what the Universe will present in regard to the answers I am seeking.........

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