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Day 1 The Beginning of a 12 month Journey of Reinvention

MY DREAM IS TO : become a writer and speaker, earning my living travelling the world sharing my stories, experiences and resources to help people identify the STEPS that they need  to take on their journey toward a happy and personally fulfilled life! The vehicle to which I want to achieve this dream is through my business DREAM PLAN ACT


I am 54 years old and after going through 3 redundancies in 18 months (thats another story)  I have finally realised that to get what I want in my life and to live my dream I need to try a different tact! I am at a point now where it feels like a Ground Hog race where I keep going to the starting line, I have done all the preparation, the training and have the right gear (so I think), the gun goes off and I am running backwards away from the starting line. I never get to the finish line!  I have been doing this consistently for years. Those who know me well and love me say to me "you can do it and we believe in you - you have so much potential" Now a part of me believes what they say but the other does NOT BELIEVE IT to be true at all!

A longtime friend said to me early last year that 2014 would be my "Power Year".  She said 2014 would be my opportunity to  learn how to "chase my dreams and to trust my self"!!  I was a little shocked because I thought that I was chasing my dream and I did believe in myself so I asked her what was she talking about? Her reply and it was a very direct reply was in essence "Your dream is real and you have worked out your plan and actions but its all in your head and you are not even getting past the starting point of the journey. WHOA WFT. That was a bit of a wake up call BUT I managed to convince myself that I was actually ok and that I could put that feedback in a drawer and get it out later. Nov 2013 I was made redundant for the 3rd time in 18 months! GUT WRENCHING STUFF - rejection, revaluation and remorse!  SO FINALLY I go to the draw and start thinking about her comment and YEP she is right. I have become an expert at make believe and acting like I am chasing my dream.  I  have convinced myself that I am on track to achieving my dream. But what is really happening and this had been going on for years, is that there is lots of action, lots of talking, some results BUT no real PROGRESS.  No real feeling of achievement that I  am even getting close to living my dream.

Now I don't want to be too harsh on myself or be seen to be beating myself up. I am not and I have achieved and done some great things. I have had some bad luck along the way - who doesn't? However I do need to have a real look at myself and figure out what it is I really want to do. I am 54 years old time is running out. The opportunities to live your dream or at least give it a go are becoming influenced by the reality of getting older. My reality of being 54 going for it and chasing my dream is very different to being 30 and chasing my dream! Its a fact - it can be limiting but not impossible, its just that I need to consider a different plan to what I would have maybe considered at 30

My 3 redundancies in 18 months really did kick me in the guts. There is only so much rejection I can take and the energy it takes to get a job is huge and draining. When I was made redundant for the 3rd time in November 2013 my good friend Jan ( a wise soul) said to me "you have no more options left, why don't you go and do your thing" "Go Live Your Dream".

So here I am at Day 1 - the beginning of a 12 months Journey of Reinvention -To to get different results I have to change what I am doing and that is why I have taken on board this journey of REINVENTION. I will be writing a diary about my journey and it is scary and overwhelming. I still don't have 100% belief in me, I still have layers of self doubt and years of secretly believing I don't deserve to be living my dream so this is going to be a challenge for me.

Support and Resources

I cant do this alone and I have been blessed with the support and resources to help me undertake this journey. What is weird is, that when I look back the universe has actually being trying to help me and has been providing me with resources   but for a number of reasons (which I will write about in another blog) I wasn't ready and I didn't know how to utilise the resources that were being presented to me.

My Help & Resources

I have huge support and people who believe in me and my dream - which is fantastic. With their help this 12 month journey is about me learning how to actually stay focussed, trust myself and believe in achieving my dream!My great friend Jo has always been my supporter through thick and thin. She has been a referee for all of my jobs and has never judged. She sees my potential and she gets my dream. She also understands my personality and provides me with realistic feedback - which is sometimes tough to handle although very deserving. She is really supportive of me taking this journey and will be helping me along the way. No doubt you will hear more about her in later blogs

In early 2013 2 young handsome digital marketing strategists Menilik and Mattie entered into my life. These talented men had just taken the leap and left their jobs to set up their own digital strategy business (click Dyer Blomfield to go to their website). We connected and even though they are only a few years older than my son we have become very good friends. They want me to achieve my dreams - they love the concept of Dream Plan Act and they believe I should be out there sharing my messages, thoughts, opinions and experiences! Like Jo they too believe in my potential, skills, knowledge and abilities. These guys were very keen from the start to help me and they developed a "digital marketing strategy" that would grow and promote Dream Plan Act to be a community of dream and action collaborators.

The Strategy - Kathryn Sandford (DPA) 2014 Timeline for Reinvention

Mattie and Menilik have created a  12 month project plan with milestones and tasks. This is the road map to me Reinventing Myself to achieving my dream. I don't  know where I will end up or what is going to happen over the 12 months - but this I promise - it will be a hell of a journey with lots of laughter, learnings, mistakes, failures and celebration!!!  So come on the journey with me as I would love  your feedback, support and encouragement.

Be sharing with you again very soon

Here is to REINVENTION - the journey of change

Kathryn xoxo

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