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Two Steps Forward One Step Back – My Dance with Commitment


It has been an interesting week since my last blog and I will update you all on my progress with Dirty Harry and Angel later in this blog. But in the meantime lets look at my progress to date! As you all know the  Dyer Blomfield Dream Team Matty and Menilik have created for me a 12 month plan for reinvention. This plan is divided into  9  key areas with set tasks and milestones that  I along with their help have COMMITTED to action on my journey of Reinvention! By following these key tasks and activities by the end of 12 months I should be:

  1. Closer to my dream of becoming a writer and speaker
  2. Closer to building Dream Plan Act as a resource centre for a global community of collaborators who inspire empower and support each other to embrace and celebrate change so that they are able to to live positive healthy and fulfilled lives.

So where am I right now? Well, I am a little (a lot for some)behind with the following:

  1. Sorting out my case studies - (this is about my clients praising me)
  2. Gathering contact addresses and getting my friends to promote me
  3. Finding out what events I want to try and speak at
  4. Start engaging with various bloggers of interest
  5. Exploring potential partners

So as I review my progress to date, the question I have to ask myself is - "Are you pleased with your progress Kathryn?" Now this is where right now as I write this I am toying between  Dirty Harry and Angel! If I rationalise it Dirty Harry would have me saying "YES I AM HAPPY WITH MY PROGRESS" - which as we know is the answer I want to hear however Angel is saying "Umm maybe but have you really been committed?" And so this is where my commitment dance begins because I am making progress (2 steps) and then I take one step back......and believe me I can justify the REASON WHY  I have HAD TO TAKE that one step back! Dirty Harry pops up with a list of very valid reasons....

  • I still need to get myself sorted - so need to do more research (delay tactic)
  • I need to meet now with various people because networking is important and easier to do rather than sitting down and writing my blog or posting on Dream Plan Act'S Face Book page (distraction and a procrastination tactic)
  • I need to sort the house out and the kids before I sit down to work (delay tactic)
  • I should focus on getting a job NOW as we need the money (which we truly do) and its a safer and less challenging option (Dirty Harry and FEAR)

So it goes on my Dance with Commitment - BUT STOP I have done 1 thing this week that I am proud of........

Two Steps Forward

I have created and posted on the Dream Plan Act Facebook page the "Wonder Women Walkers" group. The WWW's is for women  who want to get serious about COMMITTING to actioning and achieving a Personal Goal that they have set for 2014. This personal goal can be either a life goal, weight loss, getting fit or all 3. The Walks will provide the WWW's with an opportunity to get to better understand their personal DRIVERS (ANGEL) that motivates them to COMMIT and COMPLETE their goals and what their INTERNAL BARRIERS (DIRTY HARRY) are that distract them or excuse them from achieving their personal goal. The WWW's sign up to walk for 1.5hours  every Sunday @ 8am for 6 weeks and they pay $120 on Walk 1. We have a coffee and a debrief at the end of the walk and set our  To Do actions for the week.

One Step Back......

Its  a great concept and I have had lots of people LIKE the page however to date only 2 people have joined up:( .

Walk 1 starts this Sunday and one of the woman who has signed up cant make it for Walk 1 ......here lies my dilemma what is my next FORWARD step? Its great having the idea and promoting the idea but IMPLEMENTATION can be a problem for me. I think why this is so, is because I thrive on ideas and creativity - thats where I get my buzz. Getting participants for the WWW's is HARD SLOG - even though everyone you talk to tells you what a great idea it is! I even went out and spent $37 in promoting the page to 10,0000 people!! I wasn't meant to spend that much but somehow I pressed "promote page" and didn't read the DETAILED INFORMATION!! So even with this wonderful idea which I know will be a huge success for those women (2) who join up will personally benefit and experience huge growth - I am struggling with my commitment to the cause.....(DIRTY HARRY conversation)

One Step Back continues......

My Confession to ANGEL........this afternoon in my backward step with commitment I applied for a  job!!

Angels Response..."EEK - what have you done Kathryn???? This is not the plan. Yes, you need to make some money but you have a dream and a plan - which does not have space for a job?? Part time work is ok and would be a huge help to easing the financial burden what the heck are you doing???


All I can say Angel is that I am learning to get better at Dancing with Commitment. Give me some time to adjust and figure out how I can be the best I can be at Dancing with Commitment.


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