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“We are only 1 small adjustment away from making our life work”


As I sit in front of my laptop contemplating my topic for this blog this statement popped into my head....

" we are one small adjustment away from making our life work".

I recently watched the movie "How do you know?" with Paul Rudd and Reeese Witherspoon and in one scene   Paul Rudd is explaining to Reese Witherspoon the significance of  a  gift he was giving which was"Play Doh"  It was beautifully wrapped and he told her the story about the origins of Playdoh. This guy invented it Playdoh and he used it to do a number of things - which I cant remember. Anyway this guy's sister comes along and says why don't you make the mixture in different colours and children can play with it -  he made the adjustment added the colour and that is how we got Play Doh! Paul then goes on to say that the story of the Play Doh illustrates that "we are one small adjustment away from making our life work" Paul desperately loved Reece who was with someone else and all she had to do was make one adjustment (say yes to Paul) and her life would be complete (in Paul's eyes). She did eventually and they lived happily ever after.

I don't know why the statement resonated with me -  but it did, so much so that when he said it I wrote it down in my diary  - not on a piece of paper which I knew I would lose.

This past week when I have looked at my  12 month plan on the wall in front of me I felt scared and overwhelmed. It feels unreachable and  seems to take so long -  I want it to happen now! Then self doubt comes in (thanks Dirty Harry) and I have started to question myself about my progress, what have I achieved, may be I should be more focused, more practical, more determined blah blah blah!!

I think  the reason why this statement popped in to my head now as I write this blog, is that Angel may be gently reminding me that I need only worry about those small adjustments rather than looking ahead and thinking "oh my god  this dream and these goals that I have set for the next 12 months  are just to  too big and scary" - which is EXACTLY what I have been thinking and feeling this past week.

This week has been full of lots of  I don't know statements and I think Angel has got a bit pissed at me and said ok the  FOCUS  IS ON THE NOW so "make that one small adjustment to make your life work right now".

Its kind of weird don't you think that when I started to write this blog I had no topic in mind - actually it was a big blank. Then Angel (the universe) or whatever  sends me a sign

So I guess  this next week is  about me deciding what my small adjustments are that I need to take to  make my life work right now!

I will keep you posted on what  my small adjustment is for this week coming!

Be great if you could  let me know in the comment box below  what your 1 small adjustment is that you need to take to make your life work right now?

Keep on making the change :)



5 comments on ““We are only 1 small adjustment away from making our life work”

  1. Thanks for your blog. I stumbled across it viaLifehack.

    I too feel very stuck – thanks for your inspiration today.

    much appreciated


  2. Thank you Jan for your comment. I am glad that my article helped you today. I know how it feels to be stuck and not know what to do next. For me I guess it is about moving forward one step at a time. If there is anything I can do to help you take those small steps let me know:)

  3. Thanks for sharing the statement “We are only one step away from making our lives work”. I often feel overwhelmed about the things I need to do to move forward. By framing it this way, it is less intimidating.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your comments Elane. Overcoming the big hurdles and challenges in life can only be achieved with one step or one small adjustment at a time. Please stay in touch as I would love to hear how you are going applying “one small adjustment at a time” to your life. I am doing an interview and in preparation for it would like to get your thoughts. I will send you an email and if you would like to contribute that would be fantastic. Best wishes Kathryn

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