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7 Valuable Lessons the Pain of Grief Can Teach Us

I recently wrote an article for Steven Aitchison's blog Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life.

This was a really hard article to write as I shared my story of a personal tragedy -  the sudden loss of my parents. Even though it was 10 years ago that Mum and Dad died, writing this article bought back the feelings of grief, pain, sadness and loss.

You never get over the loss of people you love so deeply. However, overtime I realised I wanted live my life to the fullest and to follow my dream to write, coach and share my stories.

So here is my story - 7 Valuable Lessons The Pain Of Grief Can Teach Us.

I sometimes forget that my life experiences are the life experiences for many people whom I don't know or likely to ever meet. However by writing and sharing my story we have connected.

"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same". Anne Frank

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