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There Is Hope When You Abandon Your Dream…..

This is my latest article to be published on LifeHack. I have not been writing any articles for LifeHack for a very long time.

I often ask myself why would I stop doing what gives me so much enjoyment? The simple answer is that I gave up because it got too hard and I became lazy. Along with my laziness came lots of negative self-talk where I would convince myself that I was too busy and not really that good at it anyway!

The lesson here is -

"if you need a rest from the hard slog of following your dream have a rest BUT don't give up on doing what you love" Fight the attraction of living in your comfort zone. Rediscover your courage and passion and step into the excitement of the unknown".

What is great though is that after spending many months in my comfort zone and becoming a Netflix addict I missed the joy of writing!  I love sharing my experiences and stories to help others get what they want in life. I missed the joy I felt when readers would email me to say thank you for helping them. So I gave myself a bit of talking to and reapplied to write for LifeHack. I had to start from scratch and that's ok.

So here is my first article for Lifehack in over 2 years. I really enjoyed writing this article because in my role as a recruiter I come across many people (in fact too many) who are suffering huge anxiety as a result of the conditions at work. Life is too short to be spending it unhappy and anxious.

I hope that this article helps those who are suffering anxiety at work to step into the courage and find ways to overcome their pain and unhappiness.






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