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How to End Negative Self Talk and Reinvent Your Self Image

Negative self-talk is has a huge influence on how we live our lives. The consequence of living life controlled by your negative self-talk is no self-belief and a poor self-image.

How To Stop Negative Self Talk From Ruining Your Life

My Life Hack article provides tools and strategies on how you can bring control back into your life and lift your confidence and self-esteem.

For me, this quote by Israel Ayivor speaks volumes about those  people who live their lives controlled by the negative self-talk.  We are all accountable for how we live our lives and we all have the ability to be great leaders. We don't have to be CEO's and lead huge organisations nor do we have to be famous leaders however we do need to demonstrate the behaviours of personal leadership within our families, our communities and in our professional lives. Those who demonstrate the behaviours of personal leadership are those people who have self-belief and confident in who they are.

'Those who mistrust their own abilities are being too wicked to themselves, discouraging themselves from doing what they should have been excelling in. If you are good at discouraging yourself, you can't be a good leader because leadership is built on inspiring others to face challenges.”
― Israelmore Ayivor

You are not serving yourself nor living your life to your true potential when you are controlled by your negative self-talk

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